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Moral stature of the teacher Loris Zambon

Proudly spend two words for the Maestro Loris Zambon, Proudly spend two words for the Master Loris Zambon, teacher and artist, whose moral and cultural stature deserve proper recognition. My teacher at the Institute of Padua "Pietro Selvatico", directed me with my parents in the hard way of life giving me the moral and behavioral signs that have been the foundation for my training as a citizen first, and later as a teacher.

Ingrandisci l'immagineLoris Zambon and Severino Tognoni to Venezia 1981

Loris Zambon and Severino Tognoni to Venezia 1981

Ingrandisci l'immagineLoris Zambon and Michela Guerra to Venezia 1996

Loris Zambon and Michela Guerra to Venezia 1996

I still remember his teachings, the clarity of his thought to relate to each other in the art, ethics and politics.
Since its act and think, I formed my personality and irreplaceable was his example.
I remember well, in the days immediately preceding my departure as a teacher in Burundi, in what would become the first state school of art of central Africa, its discourses full of liberalism and progressive thinking from which shone concreteness and respect for people and for all cultures.
"... ours," he said, "is not the dominant civilization, is that in a particular historical moment, is called to value of another, conveying a different concept of humanity." "... we take the commitment to accompany the African civilization in the technical development and the rational knowledge of the aesthetic."
No civilization or culture is inferior to another, he only used his own past in a different way, a human group that has evolved and use their talents in need smaller ... ".
And yet ... I read in his thinking as a teacher and trainer, reconstructed through the countless cultural events in the classroom: if I had been to administer justice in situations large or small, to do always listening to his conscience, always referring to the universal values of Human Rights and in particular what makes Human Humanity. "

Grazie Loris

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